Repeated Wins are Possible on these Slots

On these slot machines, it is possible to get repeated wins from any spin. On the Da Vinci Diamonds slots, when a symbol has played a part in a winning combination, it drops from the reels to allow a new symbol to appear and if that symbol also is part of a winning combination, that […]

The Smiling Mona Lisa Features on these Slots

As these slot machines are themed on the famous renaissance, the Mona Lisa, a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, painted during the time of the renaissance, features as one of the symbols on the reels of the slots. The Da Vinci Diamonds slots have, as symbols on their reels, some of the great paintings from […]

These are Revolutionary Slots

These slot machines are perhaps a little revolutionary in so far as they don’t play in the same way as other slots, differing in several ways. Just as the renaissance period in Europe, on which these slots are themed, the Da Vinci Diamonds slots, take a step away from the usual and promote an alternative. […]

These Slots Reflect Changing Times

Not only are these slot machines themed on the changing times of the renaissance period in Europe but they may also herald changing times in the slot world. The Da Vinci Diamonds slots have two very special features that, if they are not unique, are certainly not common to slot machines. The first of these […]

Six or 300 Free Spins on these Slots

When you trigger the bonus round on these slot machines, you could be awarded as little as just 6 free spins but then again, before the round ends if could have been 300. The bonus round on the Da Vinci Diamonds slots awards between 6 and 15 free spins each time that it is triggered […]

These Slots have the Mona Lisa Smile

Not only is the Mona Lisa featured on these slots but if you get one of the big wins that they have to offer, you’ll have a smile too. The Da Vinci Diamonds slots are themed on the renaissance of a few hundred years ago. This was a time when artist’s works and precious stones […]

The Mona Lisa Features on these Slots

These slots are themed on the time of the renaissance and so have as the symbols on their reels some of the art from that period, along with the artists that painted them. As well as these grand masters and their creators on the Da Vinci Diamonds slots, there are also precious stones like diamonds, […]

These Slots Provide 300 Free Spins

As, when you play the free spins provided in the bonus round of these slots, you can earn more free spins, the total number of free spins you could play before the round is over, is an outstanding 300. The Da Vinci Diamonds slots are therefore very generous in their bonus rounds but their generosity […]

Da Vinci Diamonds Slots have Tumbling Reels

These slot machines have a major difference from any other, instead of the reels spinning symbols into place, they tumble symbols into place. One advantage that the Da Vinci Diamonds slots have with their tumbling reels is that when one symbol makes up a winning combination, it explodes. This isn’t bad, it is good as […]

Re-Trigger the Bonus on Da Vinci Diamonds Slots

Although these slot machines only award six free spins for the bonus round, in perhaps a step away from tradition, the bonus round can be re-triggered whilst the previous one is still in play. This means that when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slots the number of free spins that you could receive in any […]