These Slots have the Mona Lisa Smile

Posted on July 11, 2014

play da vinci diamondsNot only is the Mona Lisa featured on these slots but if you get one of the big wins that they have to offer, you’ll have a smile too. The Da Vinci Diamonds slots are themed on the renaissance of a few hundred years ago. This was a time when artist’s works and precious stones were just becoming available to the masses, before this they had been the exclusive belongings of royalty and the like but the renaissance allowed anybody to appreciate the fine work that many artists do. In compliance with the theme, many o the symbols on the reels are of some of the fine art of that age and include such masterpieces as the Mona Lisa but precious stones like diamonds have been added to them. Some other symbols are of the artists that produced these great works and either the art or the artists can come together on the reels to provide you with some impressive wins.

These slots differ from most other slots, mainly in two ways, making them, like the paintings they portray, somewhat unique.

The first way in which these slot machines differ from others is that the reels don’t spin in the traditional way, instead the symbols on the reels seem to tumble into place and, in fact, this particular feature is called tumbling reels.

The other thing that possibly makes these slots unique is that when a symbol is used to create a win, it drops from its reel, leaving an empty space which of course has to be filled. This means that a new symbol will tumble in to fill up the empty space. Just as the dropped symbol could create a win, so can the new one and if it does, both wins will be paid.

These slots have a bonus round which can be triggered when you get three or more of the bonus symbols and when you do trigger it, you get 6 free spins. However, as it is possible to retrigger this bonus round, by the time the round stops, you could have had as many as 300 free spins.

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