These Slots Provide 300 Free Spins

Posted on April 07, 2014

da vinci diamonds slotAs, when you play the free spins provided in the bonus round of these slots, you can earn more free spins, the total number of free spins you could play before the round is over, is an outstanding 300. The Da Vinci Diamonds slots are therefore very generous in their bonus rounds but their generosity does not end there, they are also very generous in their regular play mode, with a feature known as tumbling reels. These slot machines do not have reels like those usually found in slots. The usual slot machines will have reels that spin, displaying a different set of symbols after each spin, whilst the symbols on these slots just tumble into place. Although this system may be unusual it wouldn’t necessarily have to be more generous but it is an added feature about these tumbling symbols that make them so. The additional feature requires that any symbol on the reels, which has helped create a win, must drop from its reel. What happens in these instances is that other symbols tumble on to the reels to replace those ones that dropped off. As these new symbols have just as equal a chance of creating a win as the old ones did, another win could be created by these new symbols and often is. As any new winning combination is also paid, your total winnings can increase further without you spending an extra coin and as this is a continuous process, several wins can be attained from just one original spin.

As we have already mentioned, the bonus round on these machines is also generous because once triggered, although it may only award between 6 and 15 free spins, during the playing of those free spins, others can be added but perhaps the most generous thing of all on this bonus round is the fact that, regardless of how many of the possible 20 pay lines you were playing when you triggered the bonus round, for the duration of the round, all 20 of the pay lines are automatically active.

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