Repeated Wins are Possible on these Slots

Posted on November 13, 2014

play da vinci diamonds slotsOn these slot machines, it is possible to get repeated wins from any spin. On the Da Vinci Diamonds slots, when a symbol has played a part in a winning combination, it drops from the reels to allow a new symbol to appear and if that symbol also is part of a winning combination, that is 2 wins you will be paid but of course, why stop at just 2, any number of new symbols may appear and create winning combinations, giving you an untold number of wins.

The symbols on these slots are little master pieces, literally as some of them are replicas of the great masterpieces of the renaissance, like the Mona Lisa plus symbols that are replicas of the painters from that period, like Leonardo Da Vinci.
Unlike other slot machines where the symbols spin into place, these symbols tumble into their places on the reels. Although this may seem strange, it seems to be a popular feature and the fact that the symbols can drop from the reels, makes it even more so.

Ever since the days of the renaissance, on which these slots are themed, works of art have never been cheap but with the potential pay-outs from these slots, you could soon find yourself becoming a private collector. As with any other slot machine there is an assortment of wins to be had but it is when you trigger the bonus round that your credits will likely, rapidly increase. The bonus round on these slots is triggered whenever you get 3 or more of the bonus symbols showing and when you do, you will be given between 6 and 15 free spins. If that was all there was to the round, it may be quite some time before you buy your first painting, but its not. It is possible to keep retriggering this round again and again and each time that you do, up to 15 free spins will be added to however many you may already have left. This retriggering can keep occurring until you get a maximum of 300, so start picking out your paintings.

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