Re-Triggering on the Da Vinci Diamonds Slots

Posted on July 28, 2013

play da vinci diamondsMost slot machines do not permit the re-triggering of free spins whilst an earlier set of free spins is still in play, obviously if the free spins can keep being re-triggered, the ultimate number of free spins awarded for a round could run into the dozens or even hundreds, allowing wins that are really staggering. When you play the Da Vinci Diamonds slots though, re-triggering of free spins whilst a previous set is still in play is allowed and can continue up to a staggering 300 free spins with all winnings obtained during them, going to the player who hadn’t fed the Da Vinci Diamonds slots any credits for the last 300 spins.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slots

The Da Vinci Diamonds slots are based on the times of the great renaissance artist Leonardo Da Vinci; it therefore has its reels filled with artists like him and other greats along with their works, probably among the most famous of these being the Mona Lisa.

The basics of the slot machine include 5 reels but instead of them spinning symbols into place, the symbols tumble into their positions. These tumbling wheels allows the Da Vinci Diamonds slots to add another feature, one that causes any winning symbols that have tumbled into place, to explode making way for a replacement symbol. If the replacing symbol then itself produces a win, it too will explode and the player receives payment for two wins.


Leonardo Da Vinci is probably the best known artist from this period and so is apt name to have on the slot machine but it would also be apt for him to be responsible for the largest single payout on the Da Vinci Diamonds slots too and he is.

When you play the Da Vinci Diamonds slots, the biggest payout is for receiving five Da Vinci Diamonds symbols on a single active pay line, of which there can be as many as twenty. Succeeding in achieving this will reward you with a massive 5,000 credits, perhaps enough for you to buy your own masterpiece.