Tumbling the Masterpieces on Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

Posted on July 20, 2013

play da vinci diamonds slotsFor its symbols on the reels, this slot machine has both the famous artists of the renaissance era and some of their iconic masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa. The Da Vinci Diamonds slot is based on the time when the renaissance was in full swing. Perhaps led by Leonardo Da Vinci, or at least inspired by his work, the world went through a complete change in how they looked at art and of course how they looked at the artists that produced it. It was only after this period that an artist could be recognized for his great work, within his own lifetime and this new view also extended into the use of diamonds and other precious stones, hence the inspiration for the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot.

A unique feature of the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot, that is perhaps worthy of something from the renaissance, the reels of the slot do not spin but instead tumble the symbols into place. Using graphics that are of a standard almost comparable to the great masterpieces they depict, the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot provides an entertaining base from which to play the game.

Tumbling Reels
As we have said, on the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot, the symbols tumble into place but this can be of a great advantage to the player. Once one symbol has tumbled into position, if it has tumbled into a winning position, it explodes, allowing another symbol to take its place and if this too provides a win, it will also explode allowing the space to be filled. This process will continue, with the wins being paid, until there are no more winning possibilities available.

Free Spins
We have already mentioned one unique feature of the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot but although another feature may not be so unique, it is none the less perhaps worth masterpiece status among slot machine features. The Da Vinci Diamonds Slot has a bonus round and this bonus round starts off with just 6 free spins but here is the difference; this round can be re-triggered whilst the free spins are still in play. This means that although the round starts with 6 free spins, it could actually continue with up to 300 free spins, certainly making your winnings rise above the normal.