Play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot with the Mona Lisa

Posted on August 10, 2013

davinci diamondsThere are many slot machines that receive praise for their brilliant use of graphics but not all can boast of having actual masterpieces on them. This is one claim that when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot, you will see that it can make. As the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot is based of the times of the renaissance, it has on its reels, as symbols, both the great artists from that period and also some of their magnificent masterpieces, including the Mona Lisa.

During the renaissance, art seemed to take on a new meaning, it was not just something to be enjoyed by royalty and nobility, but was recognized as being able to be appreciated by the common man or woman on the street. It is since these times that it is possible for artists to actually be known and appreciated in their own life times. It is this kind of change that the Da Vinci Diamonds slot is based on, that and the fact that also at this time diamonds and other precious stones became more accessible to the man on the street. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot you will also perhaps feel a time of change as it introduces a new way for the reels of the slot to act.

Instead of the reels spinning as with regular slot machines, when you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot, the symbols on the reels tumble into place. Although at first this may seem a little strange, you will not play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot long before you realize that it is actually to your advantage that the symbols tumble into place. If a symbol tumbles into a winning position, although that win will be paid, the symbol explodes allowing another symbol to take its place. If the replacement symbol also completes a win, that too will be paid before that symbol also explodes to make way for a new one. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot, this exploding and replacing of symbols can go on continuously until there are no more wins possible, almost like getting never ending free spins.