You don’t have to be an Art Critic to Play Da Vinci Diamonds

Posted on March 28, 2013

The Game
You certainly don’t have to be an art critic or even a lover of the renaissance to play Da Vinci Diamonds, but if you are, you will certainly want to join the thousands of gamers who already do. This imaginative game has a theme based during the renaissance with Da Vinci particularly in mind. Whilst you play Da Vinci Diamonds, enjoy seeing some of his famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa, which are featured as symbols along with precious stones, including of course diamonds.

In a unique and thrilling change from the conventional slots, the 5 reels on this slot do not spin but drop. This is to say instead of spinning; new symbols drop down into place. This exciting aspect of the game means that when a symbol is used for a winning line, it explodes allowing a next symbol to drop down in its place. This means that if another winning line drops into the spaces, you will again be paid even though you didn’t make an additional wager.

Bonus Feature
Even though on the regular game feature on this slot, you can win a huge 5000 credits, there is still a bonus round. You get into this bonus feature by acquiring a bonus symbol on reels 1, 2 and 3 on any of the up to twenty winning lines. This bonus will allow you 6 free “spins”. It is during these free “spins” that the renaissance takes place. Moving away from the conventional line of thought and not allowing the number of free spins to be added to during the bonus features, Da Vinci Diamonds does allow it, permitting free spins to build up to an incredible 300. Of course with 300 “spins” of the reels, especially considering the drop down feature, you wound have to have an imagination like Da Vinci’s to figure out what your credit level could aspire to.

This all means that when you play Da Vinci diamonds, you are breaking from the conventional and joining the gaming world’s own renaissance.