Play Da Vinci Diamonds and be an Art Critic

Posted on April 04, 2013

Playing this game may not make you a real art critic but it will introduce you to the Mona Lisa and other works of wonder. As you would expect from its name, when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot machine, you are faced with reels that contain some of the most famous works of art ever produced. With the excitement that this game brings with it though, will not afford you the time to become a critic, not with winning symbols rapidly exploding before your eyes.

When you start to play Da Vinci Diamonds you will immediately notice that something is different. That difference is that the reels don’t spin. Correct. The reels don’t spin, as in a return to a sense of the renaissance; the change is that the next characters in line drop into place. Now this at first could be thought to be a disadvantage but its not. If any character symbol is included in a winning line, any of the 20, then that symbol explodes and makes way for the next symbol to drop into place. This affords you a great advantage over traditional slots, as these newly appearing symbols could form winning lines of their own, which of course you are paid for.

This unique system gives you the opportunity to win far more for your one investment, a modification that even Da Vinci himself would probably be proud of.

The Added Bonus
This isn’t the only area which is different when you play Da Vinci Diamonds. Unlike more traditional slot games where you cannot further your number of free spins once you start the bonus round, with Da Vinci you can. This of course can lead to many, many free spins as they keep adding up during play and remembering that the symbols can still also explode, the possibilities are endless, as are the number of free spins that you can attain.

You may not become an art critic playing this game but if you become a critic of the slots, after you play Da Vinci Diamonds you surely will give a glowing review.