Revive the Renaissance with Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

Posted on March 19, 2013

Works of Art
If he were alive today, he too would be impressed with the way his artwork is displayed on a Da Vinci Diamonds slot. In a move from the traditional style, Da Vinci Diamonds slot does not have reels that spin, rather the five reels are made up of iconic works of art by Da Vinci, the greatest of the renaissance artists and instead of spinning, they drop down.

The difference that this feature makes is that when one art piece is used in one of the possible 20 pay lines, it will explode allowing a next piece to drop down. This then at no extra wager, can allow yet another pay line to form and the process continues; building up the wins without you contributing extra wagers.

The Game
So the game is made up of symbols on 5 reels that don’t spin but drop down. These symbols are either works of art, such as the iconic Mona Lisa or precious stones, including of course, Diamonds. Receive 5 Da Vinci Diamonds on any of the 20 win lines and receive an amazing 5000 credits. This all means that even though, initially, you may only receive one of the regular small wins but without making another wager, the symbols could explode allowing new ones to drop in creating this incredible jackpot.

Bonus Feature
The bonus feature on this game is achieved by obtaining bonus symbols on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reels. The bonus is that you receive 6 free spins but it doesn’t stop there, unlike many other slots where additional free spins can not be gained during a bonus round, with Da Vinci Diamonds they can. This means that the number of free spins attained during one bonus feature win, can build to a total of 300 in all.

The popularity of Da Vinci Diamonds slot is not just the feeling of returning to the days of the Renaissance but also the opportunity of winning a jackpot without having to reach a bonus feature first but if you do get that bonus feature, you are afforded 300 more chances of getting the big one, more if you consider the drop down factor.