Da Vinci Diamonds Slots Pave the Way

Posted on April 19, 2013

da vinci diamonds slotsThere could be a new era in slot machine gaming coming and the Da Vinci Diamonds slots could be setting a new trend in the way that slots work. On a regular slot, as you know, the reels spin into place and if the symbols that are showing on any of the lines that you are betting on, make a winning set then you are paid the appropriate amount.

With Da Vinci Diamonds slots, the reels don’t spin; they drop into place. This may at first sound strange but it does have one advantage, at least the way it is played on the Da Vinci Diamonds slot anyway. This advantage is that if a symbol has dropped into a winning position, the win will be paid but then the symbol will explode, allowing another symbol to prop into its place. If this new symbol also makes a winning combination, that win will also be paid. This theoretically means that you could receive an unlimited amount of wins from just one coin.

Big Payout
Another way, in which Da Vinci Diamonds slot may start a trend, is that the big payout is not on a bonus round. Most slots today have bonus rounds and in order to try and win the big prize, you usually have to reach the bonus round first. With Da Vinci Diamonds slot you can win the big prize of an amazing 5.000 coins on any “spin” of the reels.

This does not mean to say though that the Da Vinci Diamonds slot, does not have a bonus round, it does; it can be accessed by achieving a bonus symbol on each of the 1st, 2nd and third reels. Once again, during this round the Da Vinci Diamonds slot differs from others, this time, unlike other slots, you are allowed to accumulate a build up of ‘free spins’, even on the bonus round. You can in fact amass a total of 300 free spins, which, in turn gives you yet another 300 chances of winning 5.000 coins on the Da Vinci Diamonds slot.