Join the Renaissance and Play Da Vinci Diamonds

Posted on April 23, 2013

play da vinci diamondsJust as hundreds of years ago the renaissance took the world into a new age of art, could Da Vinci Diamonds take us to a new age in gaming? When you play Da Vinci Diamonds you are taken back in time to the era of the renaissance with images of the Mona Lisa and other great works of art renowned for their brilliance.

This somewhat unique slot machine game is themed on that exciting time in history, which etched itself into the perpetual memory of man by creating some of the most incredibly magnificent paintings ever portrayed by man’s hand.

Da Vinci Slots
This is a 5 reel slot game that allows you to play up to 20 pay lines and achieving five Diamonds on any one of those lines could award you as much as an amazing 5,000 credits.

When you play Da Vinci Diamonds, you will find it different from other slots because of its unique reel style, it is this that may start an of age renaissance in the gaming world. The reels do not spin, instead they drop down and if one symbol by dropping into place makes a winning line, the symbol will explode allowing another symbol to appear. If this second symbol also makes up a winning line then it too will be paid. In this manner, any number of winning lines can be achieved from just one credit.

Big Win
Play Da Vinci Diamonds and notice another break from the usual slots. In Da Vinci Diamonds, unlike most slots, the major big prize can be won at any time, not depending on first having to reach a bonus feature. As achieving the bonus feature was not a pre-requisite for winning the big prize, that too had to be somewhat unique and it is. Unlike many slots where you are not permitted to continue to build free spins whilst playing a bonus round, on Da Vinci slots you are, which means that from starting the bonus round with an initial 20 free spins the number of free spins can reach an incredible 300, any of which, at any time could reveal the five Diamonds and pay 5.000.