300 Free Spins when you Play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

Posted on May 27, 2013

play da vinci diamondsThere are many slots that offer bonus rounds that feature free spins but the majority of them limit the number of free spins you can have, this is in order to stop wins amounting too high. However when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot, there is no such limitation. On most slots, once you have entered a bonus round any wins that give additional free spins are inactive for the period of that round but not when you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot; the keep adding up. This means that when you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot you could end up with 300 free spins, just in one round.

As you can probably imagine, with 300 free spins the wins can certainly add up, making you a first class winner.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot
It is not only in the way that the Da Vinci Diamonds slot deals with its free spins, that it differs from other slots. Instead of the reels spinning in the conventional way, when you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot, the symbols on the reels tumble into place and explode if they form a winning line. Don’t worry though, the machine registers your win prior to the symbol exploding and on top of that it will also register any subsequent win that may be formed with the replacement symbols.

As is fitting with a slot machine called the Da Vinci Diamonds slot, the reels are full of symbols representing precious stone, such as Diamonds and also some paintings by the famous the great artists of the renaissance period, such as the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci himself. So when you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot, you are in fact being treated to a feast for the eyes, of precious gems.

Although the Da Vinci Diamonds slot is based on the period of the renaissance and does itself perhaps lend a new style to realm of slots, it has in no way affected its popularity as it is perhaps one of the more popular slots around today, it doesn’t mean that these ideas perhaps won’t be taken on by other slots that seem to be stuck in a rut. Perhaps it is the unique blend of tumbling reels or unlimited free spins but when you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slot you join others in perhaps playing the most popular slot to date.