Play Da Vinci Diamonds with Tumbling Reels

Posted on May 31, 2013

play da vinci diamonds slotsThis slot doesn’t have reels that spin; instead the symbols tumble into place. Play Da Vinci Diamonds and see how when the symbols have fallen into place and if they make a winning line, they explode allowing another symbol to drop into its place. If this happens and another winning line is produced, then both wins are paid.

Play Da Vinci Diamonds slot and see that the tumbling reels is not the only thing that is different from the usual, it is almost as if, just as the theme is about the renaissance and the changes that that brought, the game too is trying to bring change but this time instead of to the art world; the world of slots.

Endless Free Spins
In another separation from the regular slots, when you play Da Vinci Diamonds the free spins can seem endless. On regular slots when you attain access to a bonus round, you are allotted a certain number of free spins for the round and if additional free spins come up during the round, they are not counted. With the Da Vinci slot they are. This means that on entering a bonus round when you play Da Vinci Diamonds the free spins can go on and on till you attain 300 free spins, a attainment that will surely make for some tremendous winnings.

Da Vinci Diamonds
The Da Vinci Diamonds Slot is a 5 reel slot with 20 winning lines available. It is based on the artist Da Vinci who 500 years ago led a period of renaissance in the art world and so the symbols on the reels reflect this period, showing things in beautiful graphics that are reminiscent of the time and include such things as the Mona Lisa and other famous works.

Play Da Vinci Diamonds and you are joining thousands of others who are making this one of the most popular slots around and could assist in the bringing in of a modern day renaissance, whilst still enjoying a slot machine that has some beautiful graphics and possibly making some big winnings whilst doing it.