Tumble when You Play Da Vinci Diamonds Slots

Posted on May 24, 2013

da vinci diamonds slotsA unique feature on these slots are that the reels do spin in the conventional fashion, rather they sort of tumble into place. One advantage when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slots is this tumbling action of the reels. The advantage is that when the symbols have tumbled into place, if they make a winning combination, they sort of explode leaving a void to be filled by another symbol and here is the good bit; if the new symbols that have tumbled into place make a winning combination, that combination will also be paid. So when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slots, you are not limited to just one win for your coins; you could get multiple wins from just one stake, almost like a free spin.

As the name implies, the Da Vinci diamonds slots are based on the great renaissance artist Da Vinci and so when you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slots, you will see some of his works of art as symbols, such as the Mona Lisa. The renaissance introduced a new chapter in art and perhaps culture and with the unique qualities of the Da Vinci Diamonds slots, perhaps a new wave of slots are going to appear on-line and in the bars and casinos across the country.

In another possibly unique feature with Da Vinci Diamonds slots is in the bonus round. Bonus rounds on nearly all slots are the opportunity to win big and it is therefore usual that a pre-set number of spins are allotted the round, otherwise the wins could blossom out of control and it to this end that usually during a bonus round, any winning combinations that may usually add to the number of free spins, are not valid during a bonus round. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds slots though, they are. This means that when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slots you could continue to receive free spins right up to 300. Now with 300 free spins, you know you must have a far better than average chance of coming away with some winnings that are certainly worthwhile.