This Slot is a Masterpiece

Posted on January 22, 2015

play da vinci diamondsThis slot machine features some of the great paintings from the renaissance era, along with the artists that painted them. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot, these paintings and artists are featured as symbols on the reels and the replication of the paintings are so good that, perhaps this slot should be considered as a grand master itself. The paintings include such famous works as the Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci is among the legendary artists.

Although these symbols can pay out just like any other symbols on any other slots, they do not spin into place like other symbols, they tumble into their positions on the reels. Though the tumbling symbols may seem strange, what is perhaps even stranger is that any symbol that tumbles into a winning position it falls away from the reel, after the win has been paid of course. Once a winning symbol has disappeared from the reels a space is obviously created and so has to be filled, which it is, by another tumbling symbol. Although this may seem strange, it is definitely an advantage to any player as, if the new symbol also creates a win, that win will also be paid before that symbol also falls from the reels. This means that although you only pay for one ‘spin’, you can in fact receive several wins for your money.

Although there may not be anything strange about there being bonus symbols included among the symbols of art work, their painters and the glittering gem stones or that the bonuses lead to a bonus round but, what is perhaps strange is that the bonus symbols only appear on the first three reels and so you have to get all three of them in order to trigger the bonus round and when you do, you only receive 6 free spins. Six free spins may seem a little meagre for a bonus round but it isn’t when you consider that the round can be retriggered, resulting with you ending up with as many as a total of 300 free spins.

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