Play an Artful Game of Slot – DaVinci Diamonds

Posted on February 20, 2015

This is one slot machine that is full of art, the great art of the renaissance to be exact. Most of the symbols on the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot are of either masterful paintings from the renaissance period, their artists or of quality gems like emeralds and opals. These symbols themselves are somewhat of a marvel in artistry as the Mona Lisa for instance is easily recognizable, as is its artist Leonardo Da Vinci. As in other slot machines, it is by matching these different symbols that you will win.

Many of the similarities with other slots end there though as, this slot does not have the symbols spinning round on the reels like other, more traditional slots do, on this slot machine the symbols seem to drop into place which can be, in certain instances, an advantage to you. If a symbol drops into a place that produces a win, after the win has been recorded, the symbol will drop from its place, making way for a replacement and it is here where you can benefit. If the replacement symbol also produces a win, that win will also be noted before that symbol also drops away to be replaced yet again. This means that although you may have only paid for one spin, you could in fact receive many wins.

There is another work of art on this slot machine and that is the bonus round. Although the bonus round, which is triggered when you get at least 3 bonus symbols, may seem regular enough with 6 free spins being awarded, its work of art is in the fact that the round can be retriggered, not just once or twice but as often as you can get 3 bonus symbols showing, up to a total of 300 free spins, not something that is seen very often on any other, more traditional slot machine.

With all the wins available with the symbols dropping into place and 300 free spins possibly at your disposal, you could perhaps soon win enough to buy your own, genuine masterpiece from this historic time in Europe’s history.

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