Play Da Vinci Diamonds Slots and Join the Renaissance

Posted on December 23, 2013

play da vinci diamonds slotsAbout 500 years ago there was a renaissance in the art world that brought both art work and precious stones to be looked at in a totally different light to that which they had been looked on in the past. Leonardo Da Vinci, who is said to have led this renaissance, appears in symbol form on the reels when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slots, along with perhaps his most famous work, the Mona Lisa. He is joined on the reels by other artists of the time and some of their works. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slots, you are perhaps joining a new renaissance, one this time that is in the world of the slot machines.

Just as new attitudes and methods hit the world of art 500 years ago. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slots, you are playing slot machines that have new, exciting and perhaps unique features to the world of slot machines. Basically the biggest and most unique feature is the fact that reels do not spin on the machines. Rather the symbols ‘fall’ into place and if one symbol falls into a winning position, once the win has been noted, the symbol explodes allowing for a next symbol to fall into its place. Once the new symbol has dropped into place, if that too makes a winning combination, the slot machine will once again note the win for payment. This is a continuing process that can lead you to be the recipient of some wins that continuously grow in size.

Bonus Round
The feature of ‘falling’ symbols is now known as Tumbling Reels and is unique to when you play Da Vinci Diamonds Slots. Another feature that may not be ground breaking in its self, it perhaps unique in its size. Once you trigger the bonus round, you are initially awarded 6 free spins and although the feature of allowing free spins to be retriggered is not perhaps unique, allowing it to be retriggered to a maximum of 300 spins, possibly is.

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