Da Vinci Diamonds Slot has Unique Features

Posted on January 07, 2014

play da vinci diamondsThis is one slot machine that takes a step away from the rest by not having symbols that spin around on reels but rather has what are called tumbling reels. These tumbling reels on the Da Vinci Diamonds slot do not spin into place but the symbols seemingly tumble into the winning lines. One asset of this feature is that if one symbol tumbles into a winning combination, the win having been recorded, the symbol explodes allowing another symbol to tumble into its place. If this second symbol that has tumbled into place also forms a winning combination, it too will be recorded as a win and you will receive both the wins.

Apart from the tumbling reels making the Da Vinci Diamonds slot unique, it also has somewhat of a unique style to its bonus round. On the regular reels there are only bonus symbols on the first three reels and in order to trigger a bonus round, you must get the bonus symbol on all three reels. That isn’t what makes the bonus round unique though, it is the fact that the bonus round, once triggered, is played on a separate set of reels and these reels have more bonus symbols on them.

Obviously with more bonus symbols on the reels, they are easier to acquire and as, unlike many slots, the bonus round can be retriggered from these reels, you can find yourself playing more free spins than the six initially awarded from the regular reels. As whilst playing the bonus reels, the bonus is far easier to be retriggered, the free spins could be almost endless and so for this reason the Da Vinci Diamonds slot has put a maximum of 300 free spins allowed per bonus round which should enable you to accumulate a vast number of wins.

The symbols on the regular reels are of some of the artists from the Da Vinci era along with some of their famous masterpieces but the symbols on the bonus reels are of precious stones such as diamonds.

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