Play among Historic Figures on this DaVinci Diamonds Slot

Posted on February 24, 2015

These slots are based on the works of the great artists during the time of Europe’s renaissance period and so some of the symbols are likenesses of the artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, or of some of their masterpieces like the Mona Lisa. Many of the other symbols on the Da Vinci Diamonds Slots which aren’t actually artists or their works are of precious gems like pearls and emeralds, all the symbols though, no matter what they are of, are finished to such beauty that they too are worth mention.

These slots are perhaps something of a renaissance themselves as they are different in several ways to slots that have come before them. Firstly the symbols do not spin on reels which are the norm for slot machines instead; they seemingly tumble into their positions. An advantage to this is that if a symbol should tumble into a winning position, it will keep on tumbling, after the win has been registered of course, which makes way for another symbol to perhaps tumble into that spot where it too could produce a win. With the symbols tumbling in such a way and being replaced should they provide a win, it means that more than one win, perhaps even several wins, can be provided by just one paid ‘spin’.

There is one other thing about these slots that is noteworthy and certainly of an advantage to you as a player, and that is the bonus round. Perhaps unremarkable by initialing giving you 6 free spins, the bonus round can become remarkable by the fact that it can be retriggered. You may think that retriggering the round is not so rare but when you realize that the retriggers can happen time and time again, until a maximum of 300 is reached, then you understand just how remarkable the round is.

With 20 pay lines from which to choose, the variety of wins is vast but if you choose to play all 20, the win itself can be vast as, the top pay out when playing all 20 lines is 250,000 coins, perhaps a life altering amount.

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