Da Vinci is always a Winner

Posted on March 18, 2015

da vinci diamonds slotLeonardo Da Vinci the great artist and inventor from the period of Europe’s renaissance in the art world, has always been a winning character, either through his magnificent paintings like the Mona Lisa or through some of his once considered strange inventions. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds you will play a slot machine that affords you the opportunity to also win from this great man.

The slot machine is themed on the renaissance and so the symbols depict Leonardo and other great painters from that time, along with some of their great masterpieces, plus some sparkling precious stones. As Da Vinci is strongly represented on this slot you should be prepared for the unexpected and you will certainly find that as, the reels do not spin in the conventional way of a slot machine instead, the symbols fall into their places on the reels and if they happen to fall into winning places, once the win has been paid, the winning symbols will continue to fall allowing others to take their places. Although this may seem strange, it is just another way in which Da Vinci shows his winning power but in this case, the wins are yours to enjoy.

Among the artists and artwork on the symbols, there are glittering jewels and bonus symbols bit, the bonus symbols only appear on the first 3 reels. Although there are several bonus symbols on each of the 3 reels and so they may show often, you have to get them showing on all 3 reels at the same time in order to trigger the bonus round but when you do, you will be awarded 6 free spins. During the playing of the bonus round, you may once again experience the winning ways of the grand master painter as the round can be retriggered. By the round being able to be retriggered, it means that the number of free spins that you have may grow and in fact, the fact that they can grow to as many as 300 may start a whole new renaissance.

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