Join a New Renaissance with Da Vinci Diamonds Slots

Posted on May 13, 2013

da vinci diamonds slotsAs with all new styles of things, everything has to have a start and 500 years ago Da Vinci was part of a change of style in the world of art referred to as the renaissance and it is a slot machine named after him that may start a renaissance in the world of slots. The Da Vinci Diamonds slots are unique and may start a new style for slot machines in the future. The reels on the Da Vinci Diamonds slot do not spin in the traditional manner, the symbols drop into place. As these symbols drop, any that form part of a winning line, the win having been recorded, explode making way for a next symbol. If that replacement symbol then forms part of a winning line, that win too is recorded. This means that at the cost of just one ‘spin’, you can win more than one time, almost as if awarding a free spin as well as the payout for any win.

Free spins are also an area where Da Vinci Diamonds slot strays from the traditional. It is usual for a slot to, on attainment of bonus symbols, to switch to a free spin bonus round with a pre-set number of free spins and in so far as that goes the Da Vinci Diamonds slot is no exception but having reached the round, it is then that the Da Vinci Diamonds slot differs.

Traditionally having reached a free spin bonus round, the bonus symbols are ineffective or are used as something else but with the Da Vinci diamonds slot the bonus symbols are still in effect even during the bonus round, meaning that the number of free spins for the round can keep on increasing. On a Da Vinci Diamonds slot then, you may start a free spin round with only 6 free spins but it may not end until after 300 free spins and it does not take the imagination of Da Vinci to see how much winnings that all those free spins could add up to.