Go Back 500 years with Da Vinci Diamonds Slots

Posted on June 28, 2013

play da vinci diamondsRenaissance
About 500 years ago there was the renaissance, which introduced a totally different way at looking at art in the world. The artist Da Vinci was one of the leaders in this renaissance and is probably the best known of all the participants. Today, the Da Vinci Diamonds slots present a reminder of these great artists and their works of art.

The symbols on the reels of the Da Vinci Diamonds slots depict some of the artists from the era whilst others are replicas of some of the great masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa. This is also a time that precious stones came to the fore as jewelry and so the other symbols on the reels are of some of these stones.

The symbols and other graphics on the Da Vinci Diamonds slots are truly magnificent and fully give justice as representations of these brilliant artists and worthy of being linked to the name of Da Vinci.

Tumbling Reels
As for the Da Vinci Diamonds slots; they too could almost start a renaissance of their own. In a way far different from any other slot, the reels on the Da Vinci Diamonds slots do not spin; instead they the symbols tumble into place. Although, at first, this may seem a little extreme it can in fact be advantageous to the player. If one of the symbols has tumbled into a place that makes a winning line, after the win has been recognized, the symbol explodes allowing another symbol to tumble into its place. If this second symbol also completes a winning line, it too is recognized and the process continues, almost endlessly until no more wins can appear. Obviously this somewhat drastic straying from the normal on the Da Vinci Diamonds slots, could lead to an originally small win ending up as a substantial boost to a players winnings.

Another feature that is almost unique to the Da Vinci Diamonds slots is that on a free spins bonus feature, although the round starts with only six free spins, it is able to be re-triggered during the round, which could in turn result in the round ultimately consisting of up to 300 free spins and that could result in winnings worthy of any masterpiece.