The Reels don’t Spin on this Slot Machine

Posted on September 19, 2014

da vinci diamonds slotOn this slot machine, the reels don’t spin in the traditional way that they do on other slots, instead the symbols on the reels tumble into place. The Da Vinci Diamonds slot is themed on the renaissance when the art world was turned upside down and works of art became something that all the world could share instead of just the rich. It was like a non-violent revolution that changed the world. With this slot machine having reels that don’t spin and the symbols tumbling into place instead, will this slot machine start its own renaissance, this time in the world of slots?

The tumbling symbols aren’t the only thing that is perhaps different, if not unique on this slot machine, there is also another feature that is rarely, if at all, seen and that is that when a symbol is used as part of a win, it drops from its position on the reels to make way for a new symbol to appear. What is particularly revolutionary about this feature is the fact that if the new symbol also makes a win, it too will be paid and the new symbols will also leave the reels making way for yet more new symbols to appear. This is a well-liked feature as obviously, it means that a player can receive win after win, from just one ‘spin’.

The graphics work on this slot machine are truly excellent and need to be because the symbols on the reels are of some of the great works from the renaissance period and include among them, the Mona Lisa, whilst other symbols will be of the great master painters that created these works of art, like Leonardo Da Vinci. Other symbols are of precious stones like rubies and opals.

Although this slot seems like a regular slot machine with 5 reels and 20 pay lines, it still holds one more surprise. As with most other slot machines, this one has a free spin bonus round but what is perhaps surprising is, it can be retriggered so that the free spins keep adding up and won’t stop unless you reach 300 free spins.

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