The Graphics are Works of Art on this Slot

Posted on August 25, 2014

play da vinci diamondsThe graphics actually are works of art on these slots. On the Da Vinci Diamonds slot, although the work that has been done with the graphics are really good, they can hardly be referred to as works of art but what they depict can.

This slot machine is themed on the renaissance, a time when art and precious stones were only just beginning to be introduced to the public, until then they has merely been assets of the rich. It was this more widely distributed view of art that really made art come to the forefront of society and the paintings of that era are now famous, as are their artists. It is some of these works of art, along with the painters that are depicted in graphics, as symbol on the reels of this slot machine. These great works include copies of the Mona Lisa and the artists include, probably the most famous, Leonardo Da Vinci.

This assortment of symbols do not spin on the reels as they would on other slot machines, instead, in a feature called Tumbling Reels, the symbols tumble into positions on the reels.

This tumbling reels feature is certainly different and could perhaps be the start of a new renaissance; this time in the world of the slot, but it doesn’t actually make any difference as to whether or not you win, what does make a difference to your winnings though, is another feature possibly unique to this slot machine. This feature requires that all symbols that are used to make a winning combination; must drop from its position on the reels. How this makes a difference is that other symbols must replace the symbols which have dropped and as those symbols could themselves create wins, you could win at least 2 times from the same spin.

Apart from the added excitement of these new and perhaps unique features, this slot has a lot of wins to offer, like in the bonus round which can be retriggered leading to a total of as many as 300 free spins.

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