The Exception of the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot

Posted on April 11, 2013

play davinci diamondsProbably as you would expect with anything that bears the name of Da Vinci, it is one of a kind. The Da Vinci Diamonds slot is no exception. As an exception to the rule that all reels on a slots spin, the reels on the Da Vinci Diamonds slot drop, that is to say the next characters to appear drop down and rather than this being a disadvantage, it is just the opposite. In this unique one of a kind style, you are afforded more chances to win with the same wager. This is due to a special feature that when a character is part of a winning line, it will explode, giving way for the next character to drop down. If these newly dropped characters themselves too form a winning combination, then that to is accredited to you at no extra wager.

Popular Slot
Other than that unique feature, the Da Vinci Diamonds slot plays in the regular way of any other of today’s popular slots. It has 5 reels and 20 winning lines and a bonus feature that is attained by getting a bonus symbol, one on each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the reels.

Just as the original Da Vinci started the renaissance, the Da Vinci Diamonds slot may start a new enlightenment in the game of slots, if not by the exploding characters, then by the fact that unlike other slots where once on the bonus feature the additional free spins do not count, with the Da Vinci Diamonds slot they do, forever building your number of free spins by only obtaining the three bonus symbols in the correct place once.

Bonus Round
The bonus round on the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot is certainly popular and who could be surprised. It starts with six free “spins” but as the free spins also count during the bonus feature, this number can increase dramatically, especially when you consider the exploding characters that lead to even more wins or free spins.

Altogether the differences and the similarities that the Da Vinci Diamonds slot has to with other slots makes it a popular shift from the normal whilst still getting the excitement of free spins and of course, wins.