The Da Vinci Diamonds Slot is a Work of Art

Posted on December 08, 2014

da vinci diamonds slotThis slot machine is themed on the renaissance in Europe when art was started to be looked at in a different light. The Da Vinci Diamonds slot though, is perhaps a work of art itself as for symbols it has some remarkable mini reproductions of some of the great masterpieces from that period, such as the famous Mona Lisa and some of the great artists too, like Leonardo Da Vinci. Making up the rest of the symbols on this slot are precious stones of varying colours.

The renaissance brought a new line of thought to art and just like the renaissance; this slot introduces a new invigorating line o thought to the traditional slot machine. Although the slot machine copies regular slots in so far as it has 5 reels and over 20 pay lines, it differs from the traditional in many other ways and the most noticeable of these is probably the way the symbols take their places on the reels. Instead of the symbols being fixed to the reels and spinning into place, the symbols seemingly drift into their positions on the reels in a manner that has been referred to as them tumbling into place.

There is one feature about these tumbling symbols which seems to be a winner with the players and that feature is the falling symbols. This is a feature that requires any symbol which is involved in a win, must fall from the reels making room for another symbol to tumble into its place. If the new symbols happen to drift into new winning combinations, those wins will also be paid.

With this slot machine, he bonus symbols only appear on the first 3 reels but just like many other slots, I you get 3 of them, you will trigger a free spin bonus round. The bonus round starts by giving you 6 free spins but the round could end up with you getting far more as it can be retriggered allowing you to amass up to 300 free spins, unless of course you get 250,000 coins first.

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