Play Da Vinci Diamonds with the Artists

Posted on February 21, 2014

play da vinci diamondsThese slot machines are themed on the artists of the renaissance and their works of art. It is therefore fitting that when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slots that they have as their symbols on the reels the artists from that period and some of their great masterpieces like the Mona Lisa. The graphics on these slot machines are really impressive especially where the producers have had to replicate the great masterpieces.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slots
These machines are based then on a time when art was starting to be looked at in a different light and common people, not just royalty and the rich, started to appreciate true works of art. Leonardo Da Vinci was probably the best known artist of this period and his painting, the Mona Lisa, is probably even today, the most famous painting in the world.

The Da Vinci Diamonds Slots perhaps start a mini revolution with in the slot world today as instead of the symbols on the reels spinning into place like regular slot machines; they tumble into place, a process that is perhaps unique to these machines. Although the ‘tumbling reels’ as they have come to known as, are only today on the Da Vinci Diamonds Slots, their popularity may cause them to be a more common sight in the future. One of the reasons for the popularity of these tumbling reels is probably the fact that if any symbol is used in a pay line, it explodes and is re placed by another r symbol. If this next symbol also provides a win, both wins are paid. Obviously these explosions of symbols could continue until there were no more possible winning combinations available and by that time you will be busy counting up all your winnings.

Another way in which these slot machines differ from the rest is that they allow for free spins to be retriggered from free spins. This means that once you trigger the bonus round on these slots, although they are initially only 15 free spins, they last for as many as 300.

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