Love the Art when you play this Slot

Posted on September 04, 2014

da vinci diamonds slotIf you are in any way a lover of art, this is definitely the slot machine for you, it was made for you. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot, you will be treated to show of some replicas of some of world’s greatest art and the artists that created them. This slot is themed on the time of the great renaissance in the art world in Europe several centuries ago and so, as symbols on the reels, by the use of some great graphics, replicas of some of the masterpieces from that period have been reproduced as well as depictions of the great painters of the time. The Mona Lisa is of course included in these symbols as is its painter, the famous Leonardo Da Vinci.

Being able to see these great masterpieces is just an added bonus though as the slot itself is just as exciting and potentially rewarding as any other slot, however it must be said, that this slot also has one or two added features that are perhaps unique to slot machines, new or old.

The first of the features is what is referred to as Tumbling Reels and although the reels themselves don’t actually tumble, the symbols on them do. The symbols on the reels, which are the works of art, tumble into their positions on the reels without the need for the reels to spin. The second of these features also involves the symbols on the reels. In this rare, if not unique, feature, any symbol that creates a win needs to vanish from its position on the reels. These winning symbols will have therefore created spaces for new symbols to tumble into and if these new symbols also create wins, they too will have to vanish from the reels and the process continues until a set of non-winning symbols have tumbled into place. As all wins are paid for, this obviously means that you could receive two or more wins from just one ‘spin’ of the reels.

This slot also has a bonus round that can reach an amazing 300 free spins.

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