If you like Change, You’ll like this Slot

Posted on August 10, 2014

da vinci diamondsThis slot machine is all about change as it is themed on the period of the Renaissance; a time when the people changed the way they viewed art and precious gems like diamonds. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot you will see that some of the symbols depict some of the great art from that period, such as the Mona Lisa and other symbols depict the artists from that time like Leonardo Da Vinci. Up until this period, great art and precious gems were for the sole enjoyment of the rich but the renaissance compelled that great works of art be available to all to enjoy, including the poor.

As this slot machine is themed on a period of change, it is perhaps ironic that it too may be party to a new era of change, this time in the world of the slot machine. Why this slot may be part of a change in the slot machine world is because it has a couple of features that are perhaps unique and these features seem to have grown popularity maybe inspiring future slots to also incorporate these same features. These features may possibly be unique but they are certainly different from the main line slots and the first of these differences lies in how the symbols on the reels reach their positions. On traditional slots, the symbols are fixed to the reels and the reels spin ending in a combination of symbols being shown. On this slot machine, the symbols are not fixed to the reels and so the reels don’t spin and the symbols just tumble into place. This system of making the symbols position themselves on the reels doesn’t really affect your winning chances but a second unique feature might. The second feature which is different on this slot machine is that once a symbol has been used in a win, it drops from the reel allowing a new symbol to take its place. This could obviously lead to two wins being earned from just one spin and as this is an on-going process, perhaps even more.

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