Enjoy the Art Work on this Slot Machine

Posted on October 09, 2014

play davinci diamondsAs this slot machine is themed on the great renaissance in the art world that started in Europe several hundred years ago, some fantastic graphics have been used to reflect some of the great art works from that period along with some of the magnificent artists that created them, including the Mona Lisa and its painter Leonardo Da Vinci. When you play Da Vinci Diamonds, you are playing a slot machine that isn’t just themed on a renaissance but one that may start its own, this time in the world of slots.

Some of the features on this slot machine are almost revolutionary in nature, possibly unique among slots and as they are proving to be popular with the players, may inspire slot producers to use the same features in some future slots. The first of these revolutionary features is that the symbols tumble into place instead of the reels having to spin and as these tumbling masterpieces tumble into winning positions, after the win is paid, they tumble out allowing themselves to be replaced by a next masterpiece which itself may make a win. When replacement symbols do make new wins, those win are also paid and those new symbols also leave the reels to be replaced once again. This process can continue, bringing you win after win from just one spin.

Another perhaps revolutionary feature is that free spins are allowed to accumulate in the bonus round. The bonus round on this slot machine is triggered when you get at least 3 of the bonus symbols on the reels and once it is triggered, it awards some free spins. During the bonus round though, it is possible to win more free spins and if you do, they will be added to the ones that you already have. These free spins could potentially add up without stopping and so a cap has been placed on how many free spins you may have in any one bonus round but as the cap has been set at 300 free spins, you can still win a great deal.

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