Enjoy 300 Free Spins on this Slot

Posted on September 29, 2014

play da vinci diamondsOn this slot machine, once you trigger and start to play the bonus round which initially start you off with a few free spins, you can keep adding to those free spins up to a maximum of 300. Obviously when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot and build up to 300 free spins, this is something of an unusual feature but it isn’t the only unusual feature on this slot, there are more.

Perhaps the most unusual feature on this slot machine is the way that the symbols find their places on the reels. In a very unusual feature on this slot, the reels don’t spin leaving the symbols having to tumble into their places. Although, as well as being unusual, this may seem to be to your disadvantage, another aspect of these tumbling symbols actually makes the whole thing to your advantage. This additional feature is the fact that if a symbol has been party to a winning combination, it tumbles from its reel. Obviously as no spaces can be left empty on the reels, a new symbol tumbles into its place. This is where it is advantageous to you, if that new symbol creates a win of its own; you will be paid for both wins, plus more if it repeats itself.

Although 300 free spins in the bonus round and repeated wins in regular play are somewhat astounding, the graphics used on the symbols on this slot machine are equally astounding. Apart from the symbols being of perhaps more traditional precious gems like pearls, some of the symbols reflect the great masterpieces of art from the renaissance period, on which the slot is themed, plus some of the creators of these masterpieces and of particular note is the representations of the Mona Lisa and its painter, Leonardo Da Vinci.

This slot machine then may look like any other with 5 reels and 20 pay lines but once you start to play it, it seems to conjure up somewhat of a renaissance itself but this time not in the art world but in the world of slot machines.

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