Da Vinci Diamonds Slot with Exploding Icons

Posted on November 23, 2013

da vinci diamonds slotsThe icons or symbols, on this slot machine explode once they make a win. This means that when you play Da Vinci Diamonds slot if a symbol has exploded and it is replaced immediately by another one and that too makes a win, any win on Da Vinci Diamonds slot can be big.

The Da Vinci Diamonds Slot is based on the period of the renaissance when art and precious stones were started to be seen in a new light. This revision in the art world was spearheaded by Da Vinci but also included many other artists. Some of these artists, along with some of their masterpieces, are featured as symbols on the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot. This of course required some great art work on behalf of the producers of Da Vinci Diamonds Slot, in order to depict such works as the Mona Lisa in graphics but none the less, an excellent representation was achieved.

It is almost as if the producers of Da Vinci Diamonds Slot wanted to start a renaissance themselves, as apart from the exploding symbols on the reels, they also have one more surprise on this slot machine that separates from most of the other slot machines.

When you reach the bonus round on Da Vinci Diamonds Slot, you are initially awarded 6 free spins. On most slot machines, once you have been awarded x number of free spins that is it as the bonus can not normally be re-triggered whilst a previous bonus round is still in play but that is not the case with Da Vinci Diamonds Slot; you can re-trigger the bonus. As this bonus round on Da Vinci Diamonds Slot is able to be re-triggered whilst the bonus is still in play, you could find yourself playing 300 free spins before the round is finished.

In Conclusion
Apart from the exploding symbols and re-triggering bonus round, the thing that you will probably notice first about the Da Vinci Diamonds Slot is that the reels do not spin, instead they ‘tumble’ into place, making the Slot Da Vinci Diamonds Slot a different yet enjoyable and profitable experience.

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