Da Vinci Diamonds Slot Explodes with Excitement

Posted on May 03, 2013

da vinci diamondsIn a twist to the normal, which would have made Da Vinci proud, the slots on this game do not spin but they explode. Well, the symbols on Da Vinci Diamonds slot do not all explode, not at once anyway but those that form a winning line do and in doing so, make way for a next batch of symbols. If the second batch of symbols also makes a winning line then you win again and this process can continue until you get losing symbols. The result of this is that with the Da Vinci Diamonds slot, for just one wager, you can receive several great wins.

Just like some of the symbols on the reels, such as the Mona Lisa, this revolutionary form of payout could be called a masterpiece and that is what the Da Vinci Diamonds slot is all about: Da Vinci and others of this renaissance period that gave us some of the world’s most famous masterpieces.

Da Vinci Diamonds Slot
The Da Vinci Diamonds slot is based on the artists of the renaissance and their works but also features rare stones such as Diamonds, Emeralds and Rubies making it a jewel of a game with features that are perhaps even more rare than the stones displayed as symbols on the reels.

Apart from the exploding symbols Da Vinci Diamonds slot has another unique feature, one that could have you gaping in awe as you see 300 free spins being marked up on your machine. Once again in a move away from the normal, the Da Vinci Diamonds slot allows you to still clock up any free spins even if you are on a bonus round. This is something that is rarely seen on other slots and could explain the popularity that the Da Vinci Diamonds slot has attained.

The Da Vinci Diamonds slot has followed in the steps of the great Da Vinci himself and shown the world that, it is not always necessary to conform to the usual in order to become popular, different can be at least as good if not better.